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Less Fray Spray

You can control deco mesh fraying!

Having to deal with those dreaded fraying edges after I cut poly deco mesh, poly burlap or just plain burlap has always drove me crazy!  If you use deco mesh or burlap to make wreaths and crafts then you know what I mean.  We have all been there, frustrated with fraying edges. 

I’ve tried all the tricks – like keeping my rotary cutter and scissors extra sharp, used a wood burning tool, even tried spray adhesives and finishing sprays, but for me, the results were always the same – more fraying!

No more!

After trying different things in various combinations, I formed Less Fray Spray. Less Fray Spray is a combination of several products that I spray directly on the deco mesh or the burlap before it’s cut.

While I have found that no product is 100% effective at completely eliminating fraying, Less Fray Spray comes pretty close.  It can even be used as a spray-set when your deco mesh and burlap wreath or craft is completed. It helps give them added form and “sets” the deco mesh so it keeps its shape and stays put. 

If you are interested in trying Less Fray Spray, the recipe can be purchased through my Etsy page or through the Shop link.

I hope that it helps to end your frustration with fraying mesh and burlap, at least it will certainly keep it to a minimum!