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The Scarecrow Wreath

There is no doubt that Fall is around the corner when you enter a store and see the line of scarecrows everywhere . My love of scarecrows began at an early age and was fostered through my paternal grandparents and the summers that my brothers and I spent on their 100 acre farm in Coldspring, Texas. I am amazed at just how much spending the summers there have influenced my life choices.

Fast forward to today… as a creative designer, I completed my own version of that scarecrow that I helped to put together as a child. They all share the same brown felt ‘ole’ floppy hat and brown boots with ordinary jute details and patches on the hat and on one leg. The favorite this season has been the denim set, which has affectionate been named ‘Levi’; has denim legs with a denim fringe bottom.

‘Patches’ Is the yellow plaid set. No rafia on this scarecrow, just jute tied boot cuffs and mis-matched buttons. Then there is ‘Hello Pumpkin’. It has more of a monochrome look that will pair nicely the fantastic alternative fall colors, the grays and plums and off white.

You can also reach my Etsy shop to see other fall wreath attachments and wreaths. Just click ‘shop now to bring a little bit of fall into your space.

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